Humanity is Borderless is an initiative of the Human Rights Coalition of South Texas (HRCSTX) as a response to the humanitarian crisis along the U.S. southern border due to the influx of refugees from Central America and Mexico. Our mission is to protect the human rights of refugees and immigrants that enter the U.S. by unifying communities nationwide to act in solidarity for our cause. HIB stands for the humanity behind human migration.

About Human Rights Coalition of South Texas

The HRCSTX is an autonomous group of people and organizations who are committed to the dialogue and movement for Human Rights in our border communities.  HRCSTX is based in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. The mission of HRCSTX is devoted to promoting human rights in our border communities in pursuit of justice and dignity for all. 

Objective of HRC-STX:
Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone…is entitled to realization….of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his [or her] dignity”; unfortunately the understanding and implementation of our human rights remains globally elusive, moreso in the western part of the world. Therefore, in support of accomplishing our mission and objectives, our coalition is a response to the existing cycle of poverty that continuously grows and brutality infiltrates our border communities to the ineffective remedies of our socio-economic issues to the denial of our fundamental freedoms. It is an atrocity that our government is only dividing our brothers and sisters and depriving us from our human rights; thus, we stand in unity, of all colors, gender, races and religions against all the injustices and demand for dignity and justice for our border communities. 

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